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7 Signs Your Gutters Are Not Functioning Correctly

Gutter Installation
Gutter installation on home

Be honest! When is the last time you checked the gutters on your home or even noticed them for that matter?

Gutters are not normally on the top of our mind when we think about our next big home improvement project. Nonetheless, they are very important and could cause huge damage to your home if they are not functioning correctly.

Here are 7 signs your gutters might not be functioning correctly.

1. There are cracks, holes, or rust on your gutters and/or downspouts.

2. The gutters are detaching from your homes fascia board.

3. The gutters have begun to sag and hold water.

4. There are water marks underneath the gutter.

5. The paint on the outside of gutter is peeling.

6. The landscaping around your home is eroding.

7. Water is getting in your basement.

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