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Make Sure You Get A Proper Gutter Cleaning

Gutter Cleaning

Most people should have their gutters and downspouts cleaned at least twice a year. Notice the words "gutters and downspouts". At Shepherd & Sons we see the following scenario happen all the time.

Customer: I need my gutters looked at because they are not working. For some reason they will not drain properly.

Shepherd & Sons: Do you think they may be clogged? When is the last time you had them cleaned?

Customer: Impossible! I just had them cleaned a month ago.

We arrive at the customers home. The gutters are clear of leaves and debris and have obviously been cleaned recently. So we test the downspout by pouring water down them and... the problem becomes very clear. They are clogged up and the previous gutter cleaner did not take the time to remove all the leaves and debris from the downspouts.

Do not allow this to happen to you! Make sure any professional who cleans your gutters, also, thoroughly cleans your downspouts. A clean gutter and clogged downspout is like a bathtub with clogged pipes. The water will have no where to exit and eventually it will begin to hold water and add a lot of mass to the gutter. Which can lead to all kinds of structural damage to your home and other unwanted problems.

Call (410) 737-2131 to schedule your Gutter Cleaning today! or simply fill out this contact form.

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